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KC Site Builder VS Wix

Looking for a DIY website builder?

KC Marketing Agency has been creating websites for over 20 years.  Our go-to platform has been WordPress as its easy to customize both in design & functionality.  However we’ve been receiving requests from clients that prefer a do-it-yourself option and found WordPress difficult to learn and edit.  We wanted to provide another option for our DIY clients, which led to the start of  our “KC Site Builder”.   KC Site Builder is a great easy to use site builder like WIX & Square Space.  We will be comparing our Site Builder to other site builders but wanted to start with WIX.

SEO: Which website builder handles SEO better?

Our platform is designed and built to be aligned with Google’s recommended practices for speed, security, and SEO. This includes fast content rendering for higher Google Lighthouse test scores, intuitive access to on-page SEO settings such as keywords and descriptions, automatic SSL encryption and sitemap generation.

In recent years, Wix has added basic on-page SEO capabilities for modifying meta tags, setting canonical URLs, and other basic SEO features.

Access to code: How deeply can you get into the underlying HTML, CSS, JavaScript?

Our Developer Mode gives you access to view, edit and change your website’s HTML, CSS and JavaScript for advanced customization when desired.

Standard Wix sites do not allow designer or developer access to the underlying code that drives the Wix site. As such, businesses are not able to modify or optimize fundamental code elements like CSS or JavaScript on standard Wix websites. Wix has recently added a more detailed development environment called Corvid that does make some developer-level features available.

Main Differences Between Wix vs KC Site Builder

The main differences between Wix vs KC Site Builder are:

  • Wix makes you keep your website on its platform, whereas KC Site Builder allows you to export your website
  • Wix isn’t as developer-friendly, whereas KC Site Builder lets clients leave feedback directly, so developers know what they want specifically 
  • Wix can be a little slower, whereas KC Site Builder is better for getting higher core web vital scores 
  • Wix gives you a lot more freedom to design, whereas KC Site Builder makes you stay within their columns and rows

KC Site Builder Advantages

  • Allows you to export websites you create
  • When you use KC Site Builder, you can play with your HTML, but you don’t have as much freedom as you do with Wix, which is a plus in some cases, so you don’t mess anything up
  • Super fast websites, so your core web vitals score is an A+
  • One easy-to-use drag-and-drop website editor with layout restrictions
  • Gives users content blogs known as widgets for easy building
  • Over 90 templates are mobile responsive
  • KC Site Builder gives you access to 30 different payment gateways if you want to sell products on your website
  • KC Site Builder SEO functionality is better out of the box

Final Words

Our KC Site Builder provides lightning fast page loads (high Core Web Vitals scoring), SEO optimized out of the box, and easier than WordPress to create beautiful designs. Best of all,  KC Site Builder is easily exportable to almost any platform  (low technical risk!), if you change your mind.

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