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Our goal is to offer high quality social media services at an unbeatable price point. If for any reason you are not happy with our service you can cancel at anytime and you will not be billed again! Order now with confidence through our secured website and your campaign could be underway within the next few business days. *Cancellation policy applies

It’s easy, and it won’t break the bank. Social media for just $149 a month.

  • 3 posts Monday-Wednesday-Friday to Instagram & Facebook

  • Curate and post an array of custom content, unique to your brand, keeping your name/business in front of potential customers at all times

  • Personalized and industry-related content, including website news articles, images and post copy

  • We will curate and post an array of content uniquely compiled for your social presence, all of which helps keep your name in front of potential customers and referral sources

  •  Regular promotional posts to highlight your services and products

  • Consistent social media posting to optimize your business’ reach and create additional search (SEO) benefits

  • Sleep easy at night knowing in the content we publish on your social profiles will be the highest caliber, and will match your business’ personality and voice