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WordPress vs. Sitefinity: Why We Choose WordPress for Web Development

In the world of web development, choosing the right content management system (CMS) is key. Among the many options available, WordPress and Sitefinity stand out. At 815 Media, we prefer WordPress, and here’s why we believe it’s the better choice for our clients.

WordPress: The Flexible and User-Friendly Choice

  1. Ease of Use: WordPress is celebrated for its intuitive interface. It simplifies website management and updates, making it accessible for clients without deep technical skills.
  2. Vast Plugin Ecosystem and Customization: WordPress boasts an extensive array of plugins, providing unparalleled customization. But what really sets us apart at 815 Media is our ability to create custom WordPress plugins. If a specific functionality isn’t available, our team, with extensive knowledge in custom plugin development, can build it. This ability ensures that our clients’ unique needs are always met.
  3. SEO Advantages: With tools like Yoast SEO, WordPress enhances search engine optimization, crucial for increasing visibility and organic traffic.
  4. Community Support: A global community backs WordPress, offering shared knowledge and solutions, which is invaluable for both developers and users.

Sitefinity: A Powerful Enterprise Solution

While Sitefinity is a strong CMS for enterprise-level needs, it has some drawbacks compared to WordPress:

  1. Complexity: Sitefinity’s complexity can require more resources for management and updates.
  2. Cost: It generally incurs higher costs in terms of licensing and development.
  3. Limited Plugins: The selection of plugins for Sitefinity doesn’t quite match the extensive range available for WordPress.

Why WordPress is Our Choice

At 815 Media, we aim to deliver sites that are beautiful, functional, and manageable. WordPress aligns with our vision by offering flexibility, user-friendliness, and cost-effectiveness. Our unique edge in custom plugin development further empowers us to provide tailored solutions, making WordPress an even more compelling choice.


The choice of CMS is about finding the perfect balance between functionality, ease of management, and affordability. WordPress, especially with our custom plugin capabilities, offers a versatile platform suitable for a wide array of web development projects.

Interested in how WordPress and custom plugin development can benefit your web presence? Reach out to us at 815 Media for more insights and solutions.

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